Co-Parenting During the Holidays

In a divorce involving children, I believe one of the hardest parts of figuring out custody arrangements is how to divide the holidays. The second part of the holiday is to make sure the parents don’t compete with each other to buy their children’s love. I have seen many clients become so enraged at the… Read the full article »

The New Divorce: Mediation

What is the cost of mediation vs. an attorney? Costs to Mediate:Screening calls and Preparation work: $250.00 – $500.00 Follow up meeting: 4 hours at $300.00/hour, or $1,200.00 Preparation of Mediated Settlement Agreement: $500.00 Preparation of additional documents, such as Parenting Plan, Child Support Worksheet, and/or Dissolution filings (if necessary): $500.00 Approximate Total Cost of… Read the full article »