Why is January Known as “Divorce Month?”


When I was in law school, my Family Law professor said that January is known as Divorce Month because of two reasons:  First, parents want to try one more time to stay together and hope the spirit of the holiday season will create a little magic for them or they don’t want to ruin their children’s Christmas, therefore waiting until January to divorce.

Honestly, it makes complete sense especially since I was one of those “holiday magic miracle” hopefuls.  (I filed at the end of January.)

January is a new beginning for everyone, which is why people write down their list of New Year Resolutions most of which are never followed through by the end of the year.  (But it’s the thought that counts, right?)

If you and your spouse are considering divorce or have decided that you will divorce, there is no better time than now.  New month, new year, new start.

The problem, however, is that because you spent an atrocious amount of money on Christmas gifts that your kids will play with for approximately 1.5 days, how in the world can you even afford a divorce?

Most attorneys ask for retainer fees of a couple thousand dollars.  Then come the court costs for filing, the billable hours of $400/hr, at least 5 court appearances and the cost for emails and phone calls.  When all is said and done, you are most likely looking at a 5-figure bill.

This is where I come in.  I don’t ask for a retainer.  I don’t charge for court costs.  I don’t charge for phone calls and emails.  And each party has a free consultation with me.

I know you’re probably asking yourself where is the catch but there isn’t one.  My philosophy is just because you can’t afford a divorce right now shouldn’t block you from getting one.  The longer you stay in an unhealthy marriage, the worse off you and your children will be emotionally.  I work with you.  Many of my clients pay me in installments.  My clients’s well-being is what is important to me.

So if you are ready for a new beginning please call me.  That’s what I’m here for.