Reopening My Blog For A Special Reason

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​I met Marty via Facebook about three years ago. At the time, I ran a blog that featured indie and upcoming authors. When Marty told me the concept of this book, I immediately responded to him and said, “When this book comes out and if there’s a waiting list, put me on it.”

I was so excited when Marty send me a PDF copy. I wish I could say I devoured it in one sitting but this book hit me a lot deeper than I expected. I obviously knew the concept, what it’s like to be friends with someone who has a mental illness, but I found myself walking away from my computer several times.

The vast range of emotions you will experience while reading this book might surprise you even if you have never experienced mental illness. I felt myself “talking” to the book while I was reading. It seemed like I cried when reading about Fran crying or getting angry when reading about Marty’s anger.

I found myself shaking my head in disbelief many times wondering how an international friendship like this one works so well. How can Fran possibly rely on Marty when she’s in Maine and he’s in England? How can Marty feel like he is “there” for Fran when he’s in England and she’s in Maine? But somehow, someway, they make it work.

I think you have to understand that when reading this book, the amount of time that Marty and Fran put into building a friendship, which began on social media, is phenomenal. It shows that you don’t have to live in the same city, state or even country to form the bonds of friendship. You just need love and that, I believe, is the key to Fran and Marty’s friendship.

A bond of love built on understanding, kindness, caring, strength, and willpower. A bond of love regardless the circumstances that may test them both. A bond of love that will continue to grow even when there are setbacks. A bond of love that will never break and cannot be broken.

Fran and Marty are two extraordinary people. They are two people giving us the gift of sharing their story.

And what a gift it is.

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